British Hang Gliding & Paragliding Association

British Hang Gliding and Paragliding Association

BHPA Safety Notices

The following Safety Notices have been issued by the BHPA Flying & Safety Committee.

Document Details File Size Uploaded
sn035.pdf Eurofly Snake & other sub-70kg self-propelled hang gliders 444k 04.10.2021
sn034.pdf Quick-Out Carabiner 173k 08.03.2023
sn033.pdf JojoWings Instinct Paraglider 56k 23.05.2017
sn032.pdf 3.5mm Maillons fitted to wings from Paramania manufactured since March 2011 603k 23.08.2011
sn031.pdf Paragliders: 360 degree turns & nose-down spiral dives 124k 21.11.2008
sn030.pdf Danger of Altering Paraglider Brake Line Lengths (Replaces SAFETY NOTICE 030 January 2005 Apco Fiesta 2: Deep Stall, which should destroyed) 39k 15.03.2005
sn029.pdf Paraglider Collapses at Low Level 49k 17.09.2002
sn028.pdf Parafly Carabiners 28k 11.01.2002
sn027.pdf Faulty Brummel Hooks - paraglider speed systems 24k 26.11.2001
sn026.pdf Airea "Fat Willie" Tandem Paraglider in Big Ears 7k 16.11.2001
sn025.pdf Harness Buckles 24k 01.09.2000
sn024.pdf Harness Buckles 75k 19.04.2000
sn023.pdf Solar Wings Scandal XK Cross Tube Bridle 5k 20.04.2000
sn022.pdf Paraglider Collapses at Low Level 5k 27.03.2000
sn021.pdf Paramotor Replacement Wooden Propeller 11k 26.11.1999
sn020.pdf Airwave HG Ball Swaged Wires 11k 26.11.1999
sn019.pdf Dual (Tandem) Flying & Emergency Parachutes 11k 15.11.1999
sn018.pdf Tow Line End Connections 12k 29.08.1999
sn017.pdf Hang Glider Cross-Tube/Centre Box Bolts 11k 13.08.1998
sn016.pdf FLPA (Powered Paragliders) 11k 25.06.1998
sn015.pdf Parachute Attachment 11k 10.09.1997
sn014.pdf Paraglider Line Failures 11k 22.05.1997
sn013.pdf Parachute Packing Errors 11k 03.12.1996
sn012.pdf Solar Wings Rumour 2 & 3, Fever & Fever 2, Rush & Scandal HG's 11k 08.10.1996
sn011.pdf Hang Glider Luff Lines (reflex bridle) 11k 07.08.1996
sn010.pdf Paraglider Harness Failure 10k 07.08.1996
sn009.pdf XL Tug Monopole Crack 10k 16.04.1996
sn008.pdf Parachutes 13k 23.11.1994
sn007.pdf Hang Gliding Harness Failure 13k 29.11.1994
sn006.pdf Harness Failure 11k 24.06.1994
sn005.pdf Wills Wing RamAir Grounding 11k 24.06.1994
sn004.pdf Hang Gliders 10k 03.03.1994
sn003.pdf Airwave Magic IV Update 11k 03.03.1994
sn002.pdf Airwave Magic IV 11k 25.01.1994
sn001.pdf Airwave Voodoo Gliders (except Voodoo 2 model) 11k 12.08.1993
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Last updated: 8 March 2023


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