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The 500 Club Monthly Lottery

Your chance to win cash prizes and help the Association.

Why the 500 Club?
500 was the target number of members set when the 500 Club started in September 1979. With that number subscribing £1 per month each, the monthly first prize would be £100.
Half of the proceeds go into BHPA general funds to help the Association's work, and the other half is distributed in the form of 10 CASH PRIZES.

  • First Prize 40% of the prize money pool
  • Second Prize 20% of the prize money pool
  • Third Prize 10% of the prize money pool
  • Fourth Prize 6% of the prize money pool

There are then a further two prizes of 5% each, two prizes of 4% each and two final prizes of 3% each.

So, for example, if 500 members take part at £1 each, £250 will be allocated to prize money with a resultant first prize of £100, and a second prize of £50, and so on.

Participants are included in the draw on the 20th of the month following the date that their "ticket" money is credited to the BHPA bank account.

To keep the system simple no tickets are issued, but to comply with the Lotteries Act they are recorded at 25p each. We are however only able to handle ticket sales in multiples of four (eg. £1 items), hence the format of the Bankers Order.

If you'd like to join the 500 Club, please download the entry form & instructions

Last updated: 06 January 2023



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